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The History of HostGator – Birth of a Giant

Brent Oxley the founder of Hostgator started his journey from his dome room in Florida Atlantic Brent Oxley founder of HostgatorUniversity.It was 2002 and Brent being a business minded lad decided to start his own Web Hosting company. He engaged hosting company “Dedicated Now” and became a reseller, he changed to “The Planet” shortly after and within a year Brent had over a 100 clients and was juggling between his studies, signing up new clients and giving 24/7 telephonic support. In Brent’s first year he had 100 customers. second year was 1,000. third year was 10,000. fourth year was about 40,000. And now HostGator serve over 9 million domains.

Hostgator became a household name and a know provider of shared, reseller, vps, and dedicated hosting.

Team from Hostgator

HostGator is able to provide customers with innovative products and services at affordable prices designed to complement their existing businesses. HostGator serves customers in more than 200 countries and with friendly support team and staff hostgator has secured their foundation in the market. Due to the nature of the business customers range from complete novices to computer and technology experts. What sets HostGator apart from other hosts is their 99.9% uptime and that builds a massive amount of confidence as a hosting platform.

With over 9 million domain under their hat, massive infrastructure, superior support and large choice of hosting packages why not make Hostgator your prefered host. Redeem your Hostgator coupon code and start online today

Hosting Plans

HostGator hosting plans and packages explained

All the host plan and packages are so diverse and scalable that it caters for every individual’s need and requirements. Hostgator has considered clients from a simple one page website to massive commerce website with huge databases, this host has a plan for you.

Hosting server stationShared Hosting Plans

The Hatchling plan is ideal for the starter website, has unlimited disk space and bandwidth and a Shared SSL certificate

The Baby plan has added unlimited domains and is the most popular host plan. you can host as many domains as you choose so this save you in the long run.

The Business plan included all above with added Private SSL & IP, and a Toll Free Number

Reseller Hosting Option

Partner with hostgator and resell their services as your own. Individual brand gives this package your very own Hosting company, you receive your own control panel and free billing software. There is no limit to bandwidth, disk space, domains, e-mail accounts etc, you also have access to 4500 templates and site builder software. If you would like to own a host business without the staff, infrastructure, property and equipment then this is a turnkey option. Your branding/name and hostgator’s infrastructure.

VPS Host Package

All the features of shared hosting business plan and topped of with, Private name servers, full root access, fully managed easy administration cPanel. VPS plans can be completely customized and matched to your specific hosting needs  It’s a great way to start small but still have the ability to scale and upgraded anytime as your site grows.

Dedicated Server Host Plan

This is a fully managed solution. Designed to be more than a server and flexible enough to take your business to a higher level. you choose from a range of hardware configuration and software levels that will suit you. Your server will be provisioned, secured within 24 hours of purchase. Receive management help to the value of $100 as well. If you looking for higher levels of security, speed personal configuration the dedicated option is the best choice. You have greater resources and no limitations.

Host plan conclusion

As you can see packages are structured for ease of use and flexibility. So get your Hostgator coupon codes and have it validated at hosgator checkout, install wordpress and upload your information.Hostgator offers a 45 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.


SEO ranking factors

Important On Page Search Engine Optimizing Factors

SEO ranking factorsSearch engines are considerate to various on-page optimizing factors for successful ranking of website.These factors determine your web page ranking within a search engine. These factors involve html code, keyword density,  information etc. to make a website search engine friendly.

Top 10 factors that influence ranking

1. Keyword selection analysis:

Research process is started with the key word associated with your research.So the most important factor is linking of associated key word with multiple topics of same criteria. Information given to the researcher or visitors for certain topics must be accurate and linked correctly. The most accurate example for perfect keyword association is Google keyword suggestion.

2. URL must have optimize keyword:

Before publishing page, it is necessary to check that your keyword is optimized within the post URL. Your page should have the associate data relevant to the keyword and URL.

3. Title tag of keyword optimization:

Title tag is the type of keyword or keyword phrase which you think is the most important consideration of relevant data you are providing to increase your search engine credibility and ultimately website ranking. For best user engagement, your title tag must contain relevant information right of the line.

4. Meta tag:

Meta tag description is the part of the display information which a researcher or visitor sees when your search engine provides it. Optimization of each and every Meta tag description is important. It attracts users to click-through for further reading.

5. Heading tags:

Heading tag is a description which makes the heading optimized with SEO-rich keywords which are displayed by search engines.A web page Heading must give a user accurate information. It is the most important factor which keeps your visitor from existing your site.

6. Anchor text to optimize key words:

Anchor text is linkable words used to display information that is previously shared on another page of website. So use varied, descriptive, search engine friendly anchor text that helps you portray a better picture of your website.

7. Density of keyword optimization:

Keyword prominence for SEO, use with caution and never over optimize a single page with tons of directly related keywords. Keep Keyword density low and use alternative keyword descriptions.

8. Modification of keywords:

The more varied and bold the phrase is, the more it will attract the searchers.So the use of keyword tools is a better option to improve online visibility in organic search results.

9. Image tag:

Using proper alt tags and descriptive text for your images will improve image indexing and improve page strength .So, alt images given to your images are a good optimizing technique.

10. Proof reading:

Quality always speaks volumes, you must double-check the given info and avoid repetition of words and phrases for best quality and user experience.

SEO Cloud

So there you have it, follow these guidelines and you should be good to go, Register a domain and purchase Web Hosting and you one step closer to your goal.

HostGator Bells and Whistles

What to look for in a Web Host – from a Customers Perspective

Let’s not take into consideration the obvious requirements like price, uptime and support. If your hosting experience is negative for the obvious requirements consider changing to a better host and get a better deal using our coupon codes. There must be more to hosting companies than the obvious , we’ll let investigate shall we!

Hostgator Feature Comparision

Toys , Bells, and Whistles so to say!

There must have been a time in your life when you’d wished for that something extra, that little feature that is capable of doing more. Yes I know , we all have been there. That is the reason why hostgator is the host of choice; they have the entire essential features and then some more.

Comprehensive Array of Tools

Website Builder and Web Templates

Scripts and MySQL databases and software

Simple Cpanel or Plesk control Panels

Add Words credit and management service

Analytical Software

The most important tool is an Analytical tool to monitor your websites performance and visitors. Here you can accurately interpret data and provide overall performance statistic on your website. Hostgator rivals all with their tracking analytical software. This information would contribute to adjustments in terms of design layout, call to action, responders, click-through and general visitor behavior. So if you have the right analytical software then most of your conversion battles have been won.

Main objective online is to Profit

Avoid disappointing potential customers with constant slow load speeds, difficult control panel that take ages just to update simple info. Once your website is live the only thing that should be on your mind is improving your bounce rate and conversions and not rectifying problems with an incompetent hosting company.

Points to Remember

Investing in a reliable and professional hosting service is well worth the effort and benefit. After all, a well-maintained and smooth-running site will almost always lead to higher profits. So even if you are a small business novice or entrepreneur you would want hosting stability so you can concentrate on earning a larger income. Implement a change in mindset and register using a Hostgator code now and give your visitor’s a positive experience when browsing through your website.

You Can do it

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What can be more savvy than saving cash. Imagine paying just one cent for hosting. Don’t waste time thinking what could have been, make that start right now. follow the simple steps below and be online in a jiffy.

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Save on webhosting with Hostgator coupon codes

1 Find your Niche area or market ( be it a product or service or reseller )

2 Evaluate your competition ( check other websites and services )

3 Narrow down your target Keyword and

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4 Gather all the information and structure your website on paper

5 Search for a name suitable for your market area

6 Choose a Hostgator coupon and validate, register your domain and checkout

7 Install word press using your Hostgator cPanel ( easy 1 click installs )

8 Layout your website and start improving your rankings one day at a time

 Don’t waste time, get your hosting plan with Hostgator and forever be satisfied!